Sunday, August 29, 2010

My turn!!

So, I am Mom #2 and I won't be using this blog to do much but rant and rave, so I won't be telling you too much about myself.  I'm a mom... I have a child.  Generally, I have a decent temperament to me, but there are certain things that just drive me insane.  Number one on that list is ignorance and I see it everywhere!  

Everywhere I go I see the blind leading the blind and it drives me absolutely insane... WAKE UP!!  Open your eyes and educate yourself!  Stop taking other people's word and find out for yourself.  We have this amazing thing that so many people have not had before us... it's called the internet.  You know what... all the information you could possibly dream of is right here!  

Anyway... this is just my "introduction".  I don't want to rant too much now... gotta save some of this pent up anger for other blogs!!  

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