Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jumping Right In

Let's talk about circumcision.  

I don't consider male circumcision to be genital mutilation in the same way that I consider female circumcision to be.  Honestly, it's not the same.  Female circumcision was (is) done because it was wrong for women to enjoy sex; because we are the weaker sex; because the men are important and the women are to be there for their men and for that only.  Male circumcision was started around 2000 b.c. as a sign and seal of the covenant God made with Adam.  Not because masturbation was wrong, not because it was "unsightly", not to lesson men's sexual pleasure.  Just to separate God's children from those who weren't.  

I grew up in a church where this practice was not only common, but was normal; was expected.  I didn't question this for a long time, just like I didn't question a lot of what was "normal" within those walls.  I was blind (but now I see!  hah!) and that's just the way it was.  That's all I knew, so it's what I believed.  I had my first son at a very young age and didn't know what I was doing for the most part.  He was circumcised at 8 days old by a Jewish pediatrician who did the procedure the "old fashioned" way.  My husband held my sweet boy down while they sliced.  I nearly fainted, and I wasn't the one going under the knife!  Being so uneducated in parenting when he was little was rough (and obviously, it was rough for him too!)  Thankfully, I had a good support system (aside from giving circ. advice, that is) and didn't vaccinate... but that's another topic for another day...

Now, years after the birth of my first son, I have another uncircumcised boy.  I'm glad I was given the opportunity to do things better, but will always bear the guilt of inflicting that choice on my firstborn.  Someday (probably sooner than I'd like), I'll have to explain to him what we did, why he and his brother are different.  

I don't think (male) circumcision is *wrong*, but I think it is unnecessary.  Why inflict that pain on your child if it isn't necessary?  

Check out this blog.  They have a better post on circumcision than I do, even if their feelings are a little stronger on the subject than mine.

~Mom #1

My turn!!

So, I am Mom #2 and I won't be using this blog to do much but rant and rave, so I won't be telling you too much about myself.  I'm a mom... I have a child.  Generally, I have a decent temperament to me, but there are certain things that just drive me insane.  Number one on that list is ignorance and I see it everywhere!  

Everywhere I go I see the blind leading the blind and it drives me absolutely insane... WAKE UP!!  Open your eyes and educate yourself!  Stop taking other people's word and find out for yourself.  We have this amazing thing that so many people have not had before us... it's called the internet.  You know what... all the information you could possibly dream of is right here!  

Anyway... this is just my "introduction".  I don't want to rant too much now... gotta save some of this pent up anger for other blogs!!  

Saturday, August 28, 2010

And We're Just Getting Warmed Up

I'm so excited about starting up this blog!  My friend and I decided that we need a place to let go, to share our crazy days, and to give advice to others having similar experiences.

I am a SAHM (sometimes a WAHM) to several young children.

Our intentions for this blog aren't entirely clear even to us.  We plan on using this for random thoughts, vents, discussions, advice etc.  And don't be surprised if we touch on some controversial topics...  We both have big mouths and we use them frequently.  But we hope to help out some mothers in need.  New moms, scared of the unknown; veteran moms, hoping someone else is in the same boat and on and on.

Guess that'll do for tonight.  I'm off to try to get as much sleep as I can before one of the rambunctious herd awaken.

-Mom #1